DMX250 Evaluation Board

For real-time DMX250 performance evaluation

The DMX250 evaluation board is used to test the DMX250 IC communication over power lines replacing the DMX cables.


The DMX250 Evaluation Board contains all the required firmware for operation as a DC power line transceiver.
The board has a line protection network and BPF filter required for the DMX250 ASIC operation.
A switching power supply provides the 3.3V required for the board operation from 10V to 36V DC power line.


  • Robust communication over DC or AC power line.
  • Supports DMX512 and RDM protocols.
  • Enables plug & play DMX & RDM solution.
  • On-board 10V to 36V PS for 3.3V supply.
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Built-in error correction codes for the harsh channel conditions.
  • Unique powerline Arbitration capabilities for RDM discovery process.
  • Up to eight DMX networks sharing the same powerline.
  • Hard-coded 48 bit UUID.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption
  • Small size design.


  • Seamless interface to DMX & RDM controllers for lighting control.
  • Eliminates complex DMX cables.
  • Redundant powerline network.


The DMX250 building blocks are divided to the following blocks:

  • Protocol handling – Interprets the DMX512 & RDM protocols.
  • CODEC block –  encodes/decodes the DMX/RDM data.
  • Modem – phase modulates and demodulates the data to and from the DC-BUS powerline. including unique powerline Arbitration capabilities during RDM discovery process.
  • Sleep Control-  ensures low power operation during sleep mode. The device sense the bus for short period to detect possible wake-up messages from other devices connected to the power line.

Typical DMX250 to DMX/RDM controller interface

The figure below depicts a typical DMX250 to DMX/RDM controller interface.

Typical DMX250 to RS485 transceiver interface

When interfacing with an existing DMX/RDM module that has already built-in RS485 transceiver, an additional RS485 transceiver is required to translate the signals to Tx and Rx 3.3V logic. The figure below depicts a typical DMX250 to RS485 transceiver interface connection.

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