DMX250 – DMX & RDM-Powerline Transceiver

Enables DMX512 & RDM multiple networks over AC/DC power line

The DMC250 allows multiplex dmx512 & RDM communication networks over the powerlines.


The DMX250 is a transceiver designed for DMX/RDM networks communication over the Power line. The device operates at a speed of 250Kbit/s. It eliminates complex cabling and simplifies installation.
The DMX512 messages over the power line are error protected and modulated using narrowband frequency. Up to eight independent DMX/RDM networks can operate in parallel on the same power line using different frequencies.
A single capacitor couples the device to the DC power line. A simple high voltage interface (external) allows operation over AC power lines.


  • Robust communication over DC or AC power line.
  • Supports DMX512 and RDM protocols.
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Built-in error correction codes for the harsh channel conditions.
  • Unique powerline Arbitration capabilities for RDM discovery process.
  • Up to eight DMX networks sharing the same powerline.
  • Hard-coded 48 bit UUID.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption
  • Small size design.


  • Seamless interface to DMX & RDM controllers for lighting control.
  • Eliminates complex DMX cables.
  • Redundant powerline network.


The DMX250 building blocks are divided to the following blocks:

  • Protocol handling – Interprets the DMX512 & RDM protocols.
  • CODEC block –  encodes/decodes the DMX/RDM data.
  • Modem – phase modulates and demodulates the data to and from the DC-BUS powerline. including unique powerline Arbitration capabilities during RDM discovery process.
  • Sleep Control-  ensures low power operation during sleep mode. The device sense the bus for short period to detect possible wake-up messages from other devices connected to the power line.


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