Yamar’s power line communication semiconductors


UART, LIN, CAN over DC power line communication transceivers save wires in automotive, aerospace, lighting and industrial networks

Semiconductors that Saves Wires

Our innovation never stops

The next generation Power Line transceiver IC’s are now available!



The Problem

Wires are bulky, heavy and unreliable

Reducing bulky copper wires is a strategic goal of carmakers, airframes, smart cities lighting designers, and more.

The solution

Power line Communication

Yamar’s DC-BUS innovative transceiver ICs merge data/control wires over DC power lines to establish reliable UART, LIN, CAN, SPI and I²C protocols power line networks, addressing the EMI/EMC requirements.


SIG Familie

UART and LIN transceivers over DC power lines at a maximum speed of 115.2Kbit/s using the unique signaling technology.



DCB Familie

CAN, UART, SPI, I²C, DMX & RDM transceivers communicate over DC power lines at bit rates up to 1.4Mbit/s using the DC-BUS technology.


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