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Since founded in 1975, Seiko NPC has pursued “precision” with best effort, and has supplied technology and products of “precision” needed by people around the world. Modern life is supported by various kinds of electronic products. High level of preciseness is demanded to electronic devices, which are the core parts of those products, and higher and higher preciseness will be required for the products in the future. Seiko NPC provides its main products – sensor IC, crystal oscillator IC and timepiece IC – integrated from planning, proposal, development, production to sales. Seiko NPC is also focusing on developing customized products in accordance with each customer’s specific requests.


  • Detects accurate position by combination of built-in LED and external scale (linear, rotary)
  • Measurement of rotation and linear movement amount possible


  • It detects the infrared radiant energy of an object at a distance
  • Human body identification and temperature sensing without contact


Timing products that provide accurate time management Timekeeping information is generated based on the accurate timing signal of the crystal oscillator

  • RTC
    Making a calendar information including time, date and year based on its timing signal.

  • High Precision RTC
    Generating a stable timing signal compensated for frequency drift due to environmental temperature fluctuation, then making a highly precise time check information based on the stable timing signal.
  • Receiver IC for Radio Clock
    Acquiring time information from the signal send by Standard Frequency Stations, and corrects a time information on a clock


  • High Responsivity Detection from UV to Infrared
  • A light wavelength of 350nm to 900nm is detected with one sensor


Generating a timing signal combined with a quartz crystal blank

  • SPXO
    Generating a basic timing signal for various electric devices
  • VCXO
    Generating a timing signal with arranged frequency according to communication devices (ex. smartphone)
  • TCXO
    Generating stable and accurate timing signal compensated for frequency drift due to environmental temperature fluctuation