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Tuning Fork 32.768 kHz

Quartz Crystal Products

in Quantity and Quality

FRG Frischer Electronic is the market leader in the distribution of quartz crystal products in Europe.

Thanks to our reliability and strength in application support we have become a valuable partner for manufacturers, particularly in the automotive market.

Well-known customers all over the world associate the name Frischer Electronics with quartz crystal products in quantity and quality.

Our technical department supplies 

Oscillation Margin Measurements service. 

Semiconductors that Save Wires

Yamar is active in Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Security and Space.
Common to all these applications is the need to reduce the number of wires.
Yamar aims to provide DC-BUS based solutions for everyone.
Therefore the solutions have to be reliable and at a competitive price.


Stimulate Times with Precision and Accuracy.

  • Crystal oscillator ICs are set in a crystal oscillator and works as key components which create the stable standard signals.

  • Timepiece  IC, with advantages of high precision, low electricity consumption and superior stability in various temperatures, creates exact time and supports your daily life.

  • Sensor converts various changes around you into electric signals.