SIG61   Yamar
The SIG61 is an independent slave in a DC-BUS Powerline communication network controlled by a SIG60 master device. The device has 4 ID pins, 8 input pins and 8 outputs pins. Any data received from a remote SIG60 Master device is reflected to its output pins. The Master device can read the SIG61 input pins remotely. Its small footprint integrates most of the components needed for its operation allowing small size control solutions. The SIG61 is an economical slave device for applications, eliminating the need for dedicated control wires and a host controller for its operation. It reduces the harness size and increase reliability. A sleep mode enables power saving. Wakeup messages on DC line awaken remote devices.The SIG61 is useful for a wide range of Automotive, Avionics and Industrial applications such as sensor readings, actuator activation, doors, setas, mirrors, climate control, lights, Truck-Trailer, etc.

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