DCB1M – UART/SPI Over Powerline Communication

DCBM1 Building blocks


The DCB1M is a CSMA/CR multiplex communication modem for operation over noisy wires such as vehicle’s DC Powerline, at speeds of up to 1.3Mbps, avoiding complex cabling, saving weight and simplifies installation.

The unlimited length messages are error protected and QPSK modulated with selectable narrow band carrier. The device supports UART and SPI communication protocols and allows arbitration over the powerline.

The DCB1M is designed into a small size CMOS digital process. A single capacitor couples the device to the DC power line, eliminating the need for high voltage CMOS process.

Main Features

• SPI/UART Communication over DC power line
• Bit rates of up to 1.3Mbps 
• Selectable 170 carriers between 13MHz and 30MHz
• Multiplex CSMA/CA arbitration mechanism 
• Sleep mode for low power consumption
• Built-in Modem, Error Correction & Synchronization


Main Features

• Eliminates complex harness
• Reduces weight and installation time
• Robust to power line noises
• Increase reliability
• Allows flexible network designs
• Low cost CMOS Implementation


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