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UART, LIN, CAN over DC power line communication transceivers save wires in automotive, aerospace, lighting and industrial networks

Reducing copper wires is a strategic goal of car-makers, aerospace framers and even smart cities lighting designers. Yamar’s DC-BUS innovative transceiver merge data/control lines over a power line to establish reliable multiplex UART, LIN, CAN bus networks. Furthermore, multiple networks can communicate over the same power line using different carrier frequencies. Unique modulation techniques mitigate with power line noises.



The SIG60 is a second generation transceiver for digital communication over battery power line. The device simply interfaces with any UART / LIN port of any micro controller. It allows the power-line to be employed for both power and communication, thus eliminating the need for special wires for carrying control or data. The SIG60 uses a unique multiplex digital signalling technology that overcomes the power line noisy environment. Its small footprint already integrates most of the analogue components needed for its operation. The SIG60 can be placed in a sleep mode for power saving, while it is still capable of sensing the bus for remote wakeup messages from other devices. The SIG60 device can interface directly to a LIN host, hence eliminating the LIN transceiver. In addition, Since the SIG60 can reach bit rates of up to 115.2Kbps, it allows sending LIN based commands at rate of up to 5 times faster than a traditional LIN network.
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